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From Steve Cohen <>
Subject [daemon] "daemonize" existing application - samples?
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2008 16:39:34 GMT
I have used commons-daemon and jsvc to make Tomcat a service and found 
it worked well following the directions on the Tomcat site.

Now I have a standalone java application with a main() that I would also 
like to "daemonize" and I'm finding the directions a little daunting in 
that they don't explicitly explain how to convert the functionality now 
existing in main() into the format required by daemon.

Would the path forward be to reparcel the existing code of main into the 
appropriate start/stop/init/destroy methods and make my main class 
implement the Daemon interface, or would it be to write a new class that 
wraps the existing main class.

A sample, if it were available, would be a tremendous help here.

Thank you.

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