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From Stephan Schuster <>
Subject Re: VFS problem with StaticUserAuthenticator
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2008 08:59:47 GMT
hi mario!

Mario Ivankovits wrote:
>> it would be great if you as a commons-vfs-comitter could replace slide
>> with webdavclient4j and make it part of the core instead of being in i
>> separate sandbox.

> What we can do is to take the webdavclient4j vfs provider over to
> apache. But I don't want to take the webdavclient4j core over as VFS is
> enough work to do already and I don't see enough developers around here
> maintaining that codebase then.
> There are already too few for vfs alone :-(

no no no, that's not what i meant! i think i wasn't clear enough. of 
course i didn't want you to take webdavclient4j core over to VFS. no! 
webdavclient4j should be an independent project but integrate nicely 
with vfs. so what i meant (and i hope this is in line with jason harrop, 
the project leader) is, that webdavclient4j should be the default 
library (as it is slide at the moment) used for vfs' webdav providers. 
therefore it would be necessary to take over webdavclient4j's vfs 
providers (webdav and webdavs) to commons-vfs, exactly as you mentioned 
it. the main benefits would be:

- vfs' webdav capability would dependent on an active project 
(webdavclient) instead of a dead one (slide).

- vfs would no longer force a dependency to an outdated version of 
httpclient since webdavclient4j works with hc 3.1, slide still needs 2.0.2.

- vfs' webdav capability could be part of vfs core and no longer have to 
be in a vfs sandbox (by the way: this is what i meant in my last posting 

to make it clear again: this is just my opinion. jason harrop is the man 
who has to make this decision. but i think both projects would benefit 
from this.


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