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From Emmanuel Bourg <>
Subject Re: [cli] Are there any 1.0 -> 1.1/1.2-SNAPSHOT upgrade notes
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2008 22:17:04 GMT
Russel Winder a écrit :

> Actually I think that will give [ 'source=1.5' , 'target=1.5'] but that
> is fine.

The withValueSeparator() method splits the value on the equal sign, 
that's why the option receives the values 'source' and '1.5' instead of 

> This is the 1.0 semantics I think.  I guess the question is why did the
> semantics get changed, there must have been a rationale.

I'm almost convinced this was a mistake. I dug into the Subversion 
history and the collection of Options in the CommandLine class was 
changed to a Set (thus forcing only one occurrence for each option) in a 
patch attached to CLI-13. This issue was about getOptionValue() not 
working with the long option name, it had nothing to do with the 
semantic of the number of arguments.

Emmanuel Bourg

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