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From "John B. Moore" <>
Subject Re: Turning off commons logging
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2008 19:36:04 GMT

Thank you for taking the item to offer some suggestions. I will clarify 
some things and maybe that will lead to further ideas toward a solution. wrote:
> I presume that your apps are using log4j directly, and are being
> controlled by the config file you posted above, 


> but libs that use commons-logging are not? 

Apparently not.. If I set it to:

log4j.rootLogger=OFF, A1, R1

..and the commons continued to output.. as in: (a brief sample)

2008-06-02 12:06:35,801 DEBUG [org.apache.commons.digester.Digester.sax] 
- startPrefixMapping(xml,
2008-06-02 12:06:35,801 DEBUG [org.apache.commons.digester.Digester.sax] 
- startPrefixMapping(xmlns,
2008-06-02 12:06:35,801 DEBUG [org.apache.commons.digester.Digester.sax] 
- startElement(,,extension)
2008-06-02 12:06:35,801 DEBUG [org.apache.commons.digester.Digester] - 
  Pushing body text '

.. obviously it thinks there is a DEBUG setting.

Are the commons lib messages getting the
> ConversionPattern that you specify in your config file? If yes, then the
> right config file is being seen, and you've just not got the log4j
> command to set the threshold right.

So I assume that there is some setting or properties file embedded 
somewhere in the libs..??

I use JBuilder and therefore the classpath is tightly controlled and is 
not associated with any classpath elsewhere in my system (Mac OSX 
10.5.2)  I've used some of the commons before and never had this issue 
come up, hence the mystery..

I'm using


I've used commons-collections on occasion with out seeing this effect, 
but this is the FIRST time I've use so many (due to another library that 
has all of these as dependencies and yes I check that source and 
directories for any logging properties files.)

> Interestingly, the default logging level for almost all logging libs is
> "INFO", and commons libs don't log much at INFO level or above. Yet you
> say that you are getting "massive" amounts of logging. So it would
> appear that somehow you have a config file in your environment that is
> forcing logging to a level lower than the default.

To my knowledge there is only one as listed previously..

> You could try putting a file named "" in your
> app's classpath 

I did this and it had no effect.. I assume it was because it is not 
seeing my config file and is seeing something else..?


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