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Subject Re: [digester] xml attribute values containing "]" character get scrambled
Date Fri, 16 May 2008 04:19:55 GMT

> I'm using digester 1.8, with jdk1.5.0_11 on Red Hat Enterprise 
> Linux 
> Client release 5.1.
OK, I've tried running the same jar file on my home system and it works
fine there. The same executable jar on MacOS 10.4.11, java version
"1.5.0_13" gives correct output--I didn't change anything, just
downloaded the jar and ran it. I previously had used "maven
assembly:assembly", so I believe that means all the dependent jar files
are included (digester 1.8, etc.), except for system libraries, right?
Does this mean it's more difficult to debug? ;-)

For now I'm just hard-coding the strings in my processing class. I'm
avoiding adding rules to load these as XML configuration sub-elements,
because I'm using a pre-existing framework where I can't add the
RuleSets to do this unless I duplicate that portion of the code; however
attributes are handled (usually) without changing the framework code by
just providing the getters and setters in my bean class.


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