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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: VFS FTP AbstractFileObject.isWriteable() Causes NullPointerException
Date Thu, 29 May 2008 05:14:57 GMT
> 1. I receive a NullPointerException from
> AbstractFileObject.isWriteable() when I attempt to copy
> VFSFTPTest.class from a local directory to one on a FTP server:
Could you please try the latest VFS (aka 2.0) nightly build, there a lot 
of stuff in this area has been changed.
It seems the VFS nightly build system if broken again, you have to build 
a version yourself by gathering the source from svn as described here [1]
and using maven 2 to build with "mvn -DskipTests install" from within 
the checked out VFS directory. But probably you know that :-)

> 2. file.findFiles() will return a 0 length array, or a null array depending on the FTP
server I connect to. 
>    This should be consistent, one or the other, don't you think?
Even this is changed in the version mentioned above. Please give it a try.



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