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From "Henri Yandell" <>
Subject Re: Release of commons-cli?
Date Wed, 28 May 2008 09:01:26 GMT
On Wed, May 28, 2008 at 12:30 AM, Russel Winder
<> wrote:
> On Tue, 2008-05-27 at 23:54 -0700, Henri Yandell wrote:
>> CLI 2.0 I don't see any time soon (ever) unless someone gets a big urge.
> What is needed to move 2.0 to release?  Given that the policy decision
> was made to shift any new activity to 2.0, saying 2.0 is defunct is
> equivalent to saying Commons CLI is defunct.

No life happened on 2.0. I've been applying patches that show up for
the 1.x branch, just because. :)

> Can I suggest that
> 2.0-SNAPSHOT could happily be released into the snapshot repository to
> give things a kick start?

I'll get that done. Been a while since I remember doing a snapshot
release so have asked how we do that nowadays on dev@.

> Alternatively, the decision to move to 2.0 could be rescinded and 1.x
> treated as the mainline.  However, I had understood that the 1.x
> architecture was fundamentally inferior to the 2.x architecture.

That's what they say. As a user I didn't feel too excited about the 2.x API.

>> CLI 1.2 I have on my list as a 'sometime soon' along with the next
>> Collections 3.x and Codec 1.x - looking at it I think it could go very
>> easily, none of the 4 tickets are blocked (ignoring that CLI-137 is a
>> painful one to close as WONTFIX).
> I think there is more to CLI-137 than is currently listed.  From memory
> (I will try and dig up the test cases) processing multiple options (e.g.
> -D) fails to work in CLI 1.1.  So unless someone has fixed that I would
> deem 1.2 as unusable just as 1.1 is :-(

Test cases much appreciated :)

> This is actually an opportune moment for something to happen with
> COmmons CLI as there are gumblings again about still having to use CLI
> 1.0 for Groovy.  Current favourite is to switch to a new CLI package
> that has some energy, i.e. someone is actually working on it :-)
> Currently mooted to move to are JSAP or JOpt.
> If however there was a Commons CLI 1.2 and it fixed the bugs we found in
> the Groovy project that mean that 1.1 is basically broken and unusable,
> then that would be great.  Shifting a version of a package is easier
> than shifting packages.

I don't see why not for a 1.2 release that fixed the bugs. All I got
from the previous problems was that unfortunately .hasArg had to be
changed to .hasArgs, so more test cases for the problems would be
great. I was focused on JIRA issues rather than the mailing list
archives though.


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