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From Russel Winder <>
Subject Re: Release of commons-cli?
Date Thu, 29 May 2008 19:20:35 GMT
On Thu, 2008-05-29 at 08:50 -0700, Henri Yandell wrote:

> > 1.  Declare Commons CLI end of life and let it gently disappear.  People
> > will then move to those projects that have activity.
> Tempting. Commons has a few libraries that are similarly commonly used
> and reaching end of life; BeanUtils jumps to mind as a popular yet EOL
> library.

Or alternatively there are at least 4 people all of a sudden very active
-- quick co-opt them,  form a team :-) 

I am currently in the process of getting a Bazaar branch so I can work
on the source without suffering Subversion.  However with 660,000+
revisions it is going to take a few days.

To be honest I am thinking of exporting the Subversion store and
ignoring history, 660,000+ revisions is too many for any project.

> > 2.  Declare Commons CLI 2.x the active branch -- even to renaming the
> > package to cli instead of cli2, put out a snapshot so people can use it
> > and provide bug reports, nominate a couple of the volunteers to the
> > development team -- basically use the little interest there is in CLI to
> > boostrap a more lively community.  Oh and schedule a putative release
> > date for 2.0 and publicize it so that an RC programme can be started.
> Snapshot done:

Excellent, thanks.  This actually gives the option of not worrying about
1.2 ;-)

> Package renaming to cli is unlikely to happen. CLI2 is the active
> branch now, in terms of declaration, just not in reality.

OK, cli2 is fine despite having a 2 too many.

> > 3.  Declare Commons CLI 2.x a dead branch, revert to 1.x as the only
> > line of development, make a Maven 2 build for it.  Then do exactly the
> > same as above, get the few volunteers into a formal development team,
> > announce a release date and begin an RC programme.
> >
> > Sorry if I am being a bit over-pushy here but the Commons CLI 1.0 issue
> > is really annoying a few of the Groovy developers.
> No prob - I really hadn't grokked the -D bug until the last email. We
> need to get that fixed.

It really is a total blocker.  I am hoping that 2.0-SNAPSHOT fails to
exhibit the problem.

> > If there is a compelling reason for the 1.x -> 2.x API change, is there
> > a document somewhere that explains it? Or is the information trapped in
> > the heads of the development team who fled the project? I can do a
> > little to do some analysis and recommendation but not masses.
> Trapped.
> > It would actually be interesting to know why the 2.x developers
> > effectively abandoned the project.
> Yep. Maybe time for an email, it's been a while since I sent them one.

To be honest, the single most important question for me is:  Why did you
stop work on Commons CLI?

> > I have to admit I got bored with trying to sort it all out when I
> > realized I was totally on my own trying to sort it out.  All the Groovy
> > guys just want to abandon Commons CLI in favour of a package that has
> > some active development or at least maintenance.  An active programme to
> > release Commons CLI 1.2 and 1.3 would be a boon and save us a lot of
> > hassle and work.
> Maintenance releases here are reactive - ie) there's no reason for a
> 1.3 yet as all bugs should be fixable in a 1.2 release.

OK, that works for me if it is a public policy.

> > Switching to 2.0 is predicated on 2.1 being scheduled
> > and 2.0-SNAPSHOT hitting the Maven repository.
> 2.0 schedule = when all bugs in the 2.0 JIRA project are resolved or
> moved to 2.1.

So this just needs a critical mass.  2.x is supposedly a huge
improvement over 1.x.  2.x is supposed to have all the niggles of 1.x
resolved and removed.  If everyone who has recently shown interest in
1.x would be prepared to investigate 2.x then a concerted effort could
be made to turn 2.0-SNAPSHOT into 2.0, this would then probably cause a
huge move from 1.0 to 2.0.

I guess what we need is a metronome email to make sure people keep
working on things.

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