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From Tino Schöllhorn <>
Subject Re: [EXEC] Help needed for regression testing ...
Date Mon, 21 Apr 2008 14:40:42 GMT
Hi Siegfried,

sorry - I know it is probably to late but:

I ran the tests on Windows Vista and JDK1.5.0_12 and JRE1.6.0_03 and 
there were no reported errors.

If you need further help with testing, please let me know.


Siegfried Goeschl schrieb:
> Hi folks,
> commons-exec (see is about 
> running external processes from within a JVM - and there are a lot of OS 
> and JVM versions out there (plus a lot of code in commons-exec to handle 
> this).
> So if you feel adventurous and have some time to spare ...
> +) I uploaded a self-contained test distribution to 
> +) If you unpack the zip file you are able to start the regression tests 
> using 'sh ./" or 'testme.bat'
> +) Make sure that you have $JAVA_HOME defined as environment variable to 
> pick up your Java installation to be used
> +) It runs all regression tests without requiring to have ANT or Maven 
> installed
> +) Send a quick feedback about the test result and the OS/JVM being used 
> so I can update the website
> Thanks in advance
> Siegfried Goeschl
> PS: Please, don't run the tests on a mission-critical & super-important 
> box - some of the tests are quite heavy (e.g. starting thousand 
> processes to make sure that we don't have any memory/handle leaks)

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