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From "David Loyall" <>
Subject SQLXML in DBCP?
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2008 19:11:05 GMT

My name's Dave, and this is my first post to your mailing list.  I did
a quick search of the archives and didn't see any message on the same
subject, but please pardon me if there is one and I just missed it.

My issue is well stated by someone else on the IBM dW forums, so I'll
paste that here:

On Jan 13, 2008 09:16:20 AM azamew posted:
How can use SQLXML type with DataSource in Tomcat and JDBC4
I'm trying to use SQLXML type with DataSource interface and Tomcat.
My environment is:
Windows XP SP2
Apache Tomcat 6.0.14
DB2 V9.5
Sun JDK 1.6.0_03
When I trying to use SQLXML type by DataSource, I encountered following error:
javax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.AbstractMethodError:

On the other hand, I can successfully use SQLXML type with
DriverManager interface.

Are there any limitation for using SQLXML type with DataSource interface?
Or how can I use SQLXML type with DataSource interface?

On Feb 20, 2008 08:43:09 AM joeymacao posted:
Re: How can use SQLXML type with DataSource in Tomcat and JDBC4
Attachment 	lingtren-tomcat-dbcp.jar (773.4 K)
Hi there,

The dbcp library in Tomcat must have been compiled against a previous
JDK version which doesn't support XML related methods in the SQL

I've recompiled the dbcp classes against jdk1.6.0_04, refactored the
package layout and implemented the
columnIndex) method as this is the only one I currently need.

lingtren-tomcat-dbcp.jar (see att.) should replace tomcat-dbcp.jar in
the lib directory.

I'm sure an update of the dbcp libraries on the Apache site will be
available soon.



PS. Same for JBoss. Their datasource classes don't implement the new
XML related methods.

So there you have it.  There is interest in getting DBCP to support
these SQLXML methods.

The jar file that joeymacao posted doesn't include any source, so I
haven't included it in this message.


--Dave Loyall
Omaha, Nebraska, USA

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