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From "Rahul Akolkar" <>
Subject Re: [SCXML] Rational Software Architect
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2008 02:42:33 GMT
On 4/23/08, Ouyang, Landon - ES/RDR -Gil <> wrote:
> Hello,
>  According to the website, the Rational Software Architect could be used
>  to generate the XML files that run with the Commons SCXML engine.
>  However, there appears to be syntactical differences between what is
>  generated from the software and what actually works on the engine.
>  The following XML was generated for composite states by the software:
>  <state id="Region1">
>         <initial id="zero">
>                 <transition event="">
>                         <target next="one" />
>                 </transition>
>         </initial>
>  This does not work (both the transition and the initial state).

Sure, I can see why.

> It must
>  be changed to this to work:
>  <state id="Region1">
>     <initial>
>         <transition target="zero"/>
>     </initial>
>  <state id="zero">
>     <transition event="" target="one" />
>  </state>
>  Can you explain this discrepancy because I assumed that the Software
>  Architect adhered to the proper SCXML standards? Were there any settings
>  changes that you made to the software to generate the syntax-correct
>  files?

The plugin (note that its a prototype, hence on alphaWorks) was
originally authored for a previous release of Commons SCXML (IIRC,
v0.5). At that point, the Working Draft did have a slightly different
vocabulary for specifying transition targets (as evidenced above). I
don't think the plugin has been updated to work with v0.7. That
explains one part of the above discrepancy. I'm not sure about the
other error in generation (the transition for ''). Perhaps
you can try asking on the forum provided on alphaWorks, since you may
get a better answer there.


>  Thanks,
>  Landon

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