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From "Varun M Tayur" <>
Subject Telnet negotiation fails to proceed
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2008 12:23:29 GMT
Hi all,

Please suggest a way for overcoming the problem.

I am running the provided with the commons package.

Given below is the output after running the program.
$ java TelnetClientExample
Received WILL for option code 1

<freezed here>

These are the options supported with the device i am tel netting to.

will flush output when sending interrupt characters.
won't send interrupt characters in urgent mode.
won't map carriage return on output.
won't recognize certain control characters.
won't turn on socket level debugging.
won't print hexadecimal representation of network traffic.
won't show option processing.

[^E]    echo.
[^]]    escape.
[^H]    erase.
[^O]    flushoutput.
[^C]    interrupt.
[^U]    kill.
[^\]    quit.
[^D]    eof.

Options configured(.as given by the manufacturer )

 telnet echo remote
 type ansi
default session
mode interactive
telnet binary session mode interactive
speed 2400
 character size 8
 parity none
 break remote
 pro lat disabled
init del 2

Varun M Tayur
[I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn
how to do it.]

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