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From Tony Seebregts <>
Subject Re: [SCXML] _eventdata not included in collection events ?
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2008 10:06:29 GMT
Ah, of course ... thanks Rahul !

This exposes a problem with the Javascript evaluator though. The
Javascript engine (both JDK and JSR223) isn't able to apply the []
operator to a HashMap because its a Java object rather than a Javascript
object (using _eventdatamap.get('') works fine).

Will file a bug...



>> Hi,
>>  I'm trying to pass information from a class that extends Action via a
>>  TriggerEvent payload but in the SCXML script the _eventdata value for
>>  the associated event transition seems to be null.
>>  Any ideas ?
>>  The payload works fine if I call triggerEvent but not if I just add the
>>  event to the events Collection and I can't figure out why (for various
>>  reasons triggerEvent doesn't work in the scenario).
> <snip/>
> Yup, you shouldn't use triggerEvent here.
> The way derived events are handled is to process all of them in a
> microstep. Since there may be more than one event, _eventdata is
> ambigous, and _eventdatamap[''] should be used instead for
> derived events.
> For example, see the eventdata_* test case documents in the JUnit test
> suite ... few of them are here:
> -Rahul

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