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From Tony Seebregts <>
Subject [SCXML] _eventdata not included in collection events ?
Date Tue, 29 Apr 2008 13:43:11 GMT

I'm trying to pass information from a class that extends Action via a
TriggerEvent payload but in the SCXML script the _eventdata value for
the associated event transition seems to be null.

Any ideas ?

The payload works fine if I call triggerEvent but not if I just add the
event to the events Collection and I can't figure out why (for various
reasons triggerEvent doesn't work in the scenario).

The relevant code is:

public void execute(EventDispatcher dispatcher,
                    ErrorReporter   reporter,
                    SCInstance      instance,
                    Log             log,
                    Collection      events) throws
       { Evaluator evaluator = instance.getEvaluator();
         Context   context   = instance.getContext  (getParentState());
         String    uidx      = null;
         String    pinx      = null;
         int       serviceID;
         User      user;

            { if (uid != null)
                 uidx = (String) evaluator.eval(context,uid);

              if (pin != null)
                 pinx = (String) evaluator.eval(context,pin);

              if ((user = login(uidx,pinx)) == null)
                 { events.add(INVALID);

              events.add(new  TriggerEvent("ok",
TriggerEvent.SIGNAL_EVENT, user));
         catch(Throwable x)
            { log.error("Error logging in: " + x.toString());



Tony Seebregts

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