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From Fred Toth <>
Subject jsvc: app won't bind to socket when started as root
Date Mon, 21 Apr 2008 21:45:09 GMT
Hi all,

We've run into a problem with jsvc. In our environment we need to run tomcat
as root so that it can bind to several low numbered ports.

However, when using the "-user root" argument to jsvc, tomcat still 
can't bind
to the ports.

If we run tomcat directly (as root) with its "", everything 
works fine.

In researching this, I found a reference where someone claimed there was 
a problem
with the set_cap() capabilities support in jsvc. I've looked at the 
source, but I don't know
enough about how that's supposed to work to know if it's correct or not. 
I was
hoping to find a patch somewhere, but no luck so far.

Has anyone on the list run into this? Is there a patch available? Or a 

Many thanks,

Fred Toth

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