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From jharrop <>
Subject Re: [vfs] webdav, jackrabbit and fileObject.exists()
Date Sat, 19 Apr 2008 04:16:56 GMT

Hi Stephan

Stephan Schuster-3 wrote:
> what i'm way more interested in is an "active" client side webdav 
> library for java (since slide has retired). in fact i hope that such a 
> library will soon get integrated into VFS (which i use heavily for my 
> current project) so that there is no need for a sandbox that depends on 
> a snapshot of a dead project.

That is essentially my need as well.   

But if that doesn't happen - and according to the Apache Commons Board
Report of Dec 2007, it was rejected as out of scope [1] - an alternative is
to include VFS as part of webdavclient4j.

I would be quite happy if apache started a new webdav client project (based
on the Slide code).  Webdavclient4j only exists because apache does not
(yet) have such a plan.  Maybe this will change soon, in which case
webdavclient4j might not be necessary;  maybe webdavclient4j will mature
itself and ultimately become a formal part of the apache family.

Stephan Schuster-3 wrote:
> do you think there is a chance that your webdavclient4j will be used by 
> vfs?

Possibly, that's a decision the vfs devs will need to make.  I guess if
webdavclient4j is a live project (ie comes to have an active community of
developers working on it), and is available via maven, there would be no
reason not to use it in preference to a snapshot of a dead project.

Stephan Schuster-3 wrote:
>  by the way: do you know if slide is the only reason why vfs depends 
> on httpclient 2.0.2?

I think so - you can apply the patch in VFS-74 to use httpclient 3.0.1. [2]

Stephan Schuster-3 wrote:
>  as far as i remember your webdavclient4j client 
> already supports httpclient 3.0.1 (what about 3.1). so if vfs will use 
> your client there might be a chance to migrate to - that would be 
> really great!

In fact vfs Revision 209275 was compatible with HttpClient 3.0.1.  Revision
209411 reverted back to HttpClient 2.0.2 on the basis that HttpClient
3.0-rc3 and WebDavLib were not compatible, which was the case at the time
(July 2005), but ceased being the case in Dec 2006 - see

So if vfs was using a Slide client build from after that date (or
webdavclient4j), they could use HttpClient 3.0.1.

Stephan Schuster-3 wrote:
> ps: if i had more time at the moment i would even consider helping 
> you... maybe later.

Well, if you run into any problems with webdavclient4j, you may want to step
up to the plate :)

An active community around the project would demonstrate that there are
developers who are prepared to work on a webdav client.



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