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From bob <>
Subject [FileUpload] Safe to continue parsing after SizeLimitExceededException
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2008 19:33:06 GMT
Hi all,

In FileUploadBase I can set the sizeMax or fileSizeMax property. When 
calling the method FileUploadBase#parseRequest(..) an exception will 
be thrown if the sizeMax or fileSizeMax is exceeded. This means the 
request is not parsed at all, so form fields are not available.

I have two related questions:

#1 Will I encounter any problems if I override the 
FileUploadBase#parseRequest(..) method and continue parsing the 
request after an exception is raised? Meaning I continue iterating 
and extracting the remaining request items.

#2 Are form fields parsed before the actual files are parsed? Meaning 
if an exception is raised during my custom FileUploadBase#parseRequest 
method can I just grab all the FileItem instances already created at 
that point and just exit the method, knowing all form fields are 
available. Or should I continue parsing the request and do the check 

kind regards


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