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From "Kathy Lo" <>
Subject [ftp] Fail to create FTPFile object on some directories/files when calling listFiles()
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2008 08:04:44 GMT
Dear all,

In server-side, it uses vsftpd 2.0.3 as FTP Server. In client-side, it
uses common-net-1.4.1 Java package to communicate with FTP Server
through Java program. Both the server and client are running Linux FC

In client side, I wrote a Java program to call FTPClient.listFiles()
to get a list FTPFile objects for each directories/files in /Doc
directory in the server and use FTPClientConfig object to configure
the FTPClient as follow:

serverTimeZoneId = "Asia/Hong Kong"
defaultDateFormatStr = "MMM d yyyy"
recentDateFormatStr = "MMM d HH:mm"

If the file/directory date falls between "Feb 29 00:00" and "Feb 29
23:59", the FTPFile object is "NULL". If the file/directory date is
"Feb 29 2008", the FTPFile object is created normally.

Then, I download the source code of common-net-1.4.1 Java package and
found that FTPTimestampParserImpl.parseTimestamp() throws

How can I solve this problem?

Kathy Lo

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