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From Ken Tanaka <>
Subject Re: [vfs] SFTP program not exiting - solution
Date Mon, 24 Mar 2008 17:01:25 GMT wrote:
>  I'm trying to automate the downloading of data from a remote SFTP
> server using VFS. My program gets the files, but doesn't exit, it seems
> to hang. It's not clear what cleanup steps I should be doing after
> accessing files. I haven't found any VFS + SFTP examples or tutorials.
Sorry for the double posting, delivery errors and a failure of email 
filters made it look like the original post didn't go through.

I did discover a solution though: one needs to cast the 
FileSystemManager to the DefaultFileSystemManager which then gives 
access to a no-argument close() method that does what I need. My release 
method from the sample code now works as:

    public void release() {
        ((DefaultFileSystemManager) this.fsManager).close();
    } // release()


Thanks to a posting at by Morus 
Walter for cluing me in.


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