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From "Rahul Akolkar" <>
Subject Re: Hi SCXML community !
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2008 20:51:51 GMT
On 2/26/08, Emmanuel PILLANT <> wrote:
> Hi guys !
>  I want first congrats you for SCXML, which is a very usefull tool.
>  We are currently using the version 0.7, and i have a question about the use
>  of the "digester" with SCXML. Into your tests, you are using the method
>  digest(), but this method is deprecated. The javadoc indicates that we must
>  use the method parse() instead but this is not working.
>  Do I need to use the method digest() or can I use parse() method ? And if
>  the method parse() can be used, what must I change in my SCXML file to make
>  this method works ?

The digest() methods will not be removed until v1.0 (whenever that
release happens -- no plan yet). So there isn't an immediate urgency
to use to new parser. Many tests use the deprecated methods since we
still need to test the old parser.

The deprecation is a gentle reminder to begin to upgrade (older
versions of) SCXML documents in line with the current version of the

Once that is done, the new parser can be used.

For specific answers about the bits not working when you make the
change, please post brief and relevant SCXML snippets.


>  Thank's for your help.
>  Manu

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