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From Benjamin Lerman <>
Subject Betwixt documentation
Date Fri, 29 Feb 2008 09:13:06 GMT
 Hi all,

 I am starting using betwixt 0.8.

 I had quite a frustrating fight against this piece of software.

 I was registering a custom .betwixt configuration file for my beans,
and then modifying the XmlIntrospector and the BindingConfiguration of
my reader. This lead to a quite unpredictable comportment.

 After browsing through the code and stepping to the process in debug
mode, I finally realized that the binding configuration of each bean was
computed and cached as soon as the bean is registered, which made my
configuration changes quite irrelevant.

 While this comportment is legit, it could be quite a good idea to have
somewhere in the documentation in *bold* and CAPITAL letter that one has
to make all its configuration changes before registering any bean if one
wants it to work. That would have save me quite some time, and I guess I'm
not the only one having shot myself in the foot there.

	Benjamin LERMAN

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