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Subject Re: [Betwixt] Unable to get XML into Collection - always empty
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2008 17:02:45 GMT
I think I figured out my issues.

It appears to be my collection type-naming.  I had xml elements to 
represent the
collection as:


My Java Beans for the element was XTOtherName.  It seems that the PascalCasing
of the classname threw off the plural/singular resolution for the
adder-functions.  When I changed it to XTOthername and the corresponding
methods (addOthername() & getOthernames() - instead of addOtherName() &
getOtherNames()) to not have the uppercase 'N' the adder-functions were
resolved and the collection was no longer empty.

No one responding about the issue - I just thought I'd follow-up with what I
think fixed my issue so if anyones search the mailing-archive they won't flail
around looking for a solution to this like I did.


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