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From Tony Seebregts <>
Subject SCXML <var>. handled differently between SCXMLDigester and SCXMLParser ?
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2008 10:30:18 GMT

Has the usage/declaration of <var> changed between the SCXMLDigester and 
the SCXMLParser ?

Using the SCXMLDigester (as allowed but deprecated in 0.7), declaring a 
var invokes the Var constructor while compiling the script and the var 
is accessible from the context during execution. Compiling the same 
script with SCXMLParser never invokes the Var constructor and any 
'assign' statement that references the variables throws an 

The SCXMLParser javadoc does mention that the XML namespace for var's 
has changed but there don't seem to be any changes in the sample and 
test scripts (at least that I could see).


Tony Seebregts

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