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From Luc Maisonobe <>
Subject Re: [math] Re: solving a linear optimization problem with commons math ?
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2008 20:42:55 GMT
Andreas Andreakis a écrit :
> Hi Luc,
> thank you very much for your quick and very detailed explanation. I´ll 
> try out your suggestions very soon.
> You mentioned, that there are better method in order to deal with such 
> problems. Which are those methods ?

Constraint Programming. This is a mathematics fields by itself.

> Can you recommend a library which implements them ?

The major player in this field is ILOG. This company provides various 
proprietary libraries in various languages. The libraries are 
efficients, the guys behind them are *very* good, and the libraries are 
... really expensive. There are other commercial solutions apart from ILOG.

On the open-source side, you may try Choco ( I 
never used it myself but would be very interested if you could provide 
me feedback about it.

> P.S.: don´t worry, I´m using commons math for other kind of calculations 
> anyway ;))

I am aware the solution I provided to you was a simple dirty trick, it 
is neither elegant nor efficient. By the way, rather than ck = pk², I 
now think ck = exp(pk) would be a better variable change (but it still 
is a dirty trick).


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