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From Markus Binsteiner <>
Subject [vfs] Cancellation of copy/move operation / Overal project agility
Date Fri, 28 Dec 2007 15:48:30 GMT

I saw there is a topic called "4. progress, pause and cancellation api"
on the VFS - next wiki of the commons vfs project website.

Can I ask, is anybody working on this at the moment? The last edited tag
says "2006-12-26 13:52:51". Are there any concrete plans on how to
implement these features?

For now: can I somehow stop a file copy/move operation (because it takes
too long/the files are too big and I don't want to wait any longer)? For
example I've got this code:

target_file.copyFrom(source_file, new AllFileSelector());

If I run that in it's own thread, could I somehow manipulate the
target_file/source_file (or anything else for that matter) so that the
copy operation exits/stops? Even dodgy solutions are welcome...

I tried to send an interrupt to the thread. I also tried to close the
target_file/source_file and their content. The copy operation seems to
just continue without a problem...

A more general question:

There doesn't seem to be much traffic on the vfs mailing list. Also,
there doesn't seem to be much happening in the svn repository. Is the
project still actively developed? 

I really think it is a good and useful library. It would be sad to see
it fading away slowly...

Thanks a lot.


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