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Subject Re: [math] Example using EstimationProblem, WeightedMeasurement from apache.commons.math?
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2007 15:22:41 GMT
Thanks for the reply and my apologies for omitting the [math] marker.

Afa the model goes, I'm not sure how to answer.  What I am doing is
smoothing a curve using the loess function, and the last step is to use a
weighted least square regression on each point and its neighborhood.

> Hi,
> First of all, I have added a [math] marker on the subject line. This list
> is shared among all commons projects and this type of markers help people
> filter the messages.
> I will send a usage example on the list in a few hours (late evening,
> european time), when I'm back home. Would you like to have anything
special in this example ? For example what kind of model do you want to
be fitted to the x,ydata ?
> Luc
> Selon
>> Can anybody show me an example of a weighted least squares regression
>> using classes like EstimationProblem, WeightedMeasurement from
>> apache.commons.math?
>> I have data that looks like this: (x,y,weight), e.g.
>> 1,1,0.2
>> 2,3, 0.4
>> 3,2, 1.0
>> 4,6, 0.8
>> 5,4, 0.3

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