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From Sabine Schwanitz <>
Subject Re: [configuration] setDelimiterParsingDisabled doesn't work withd DefaultConfigurationBuilder
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2007 09:39:00 GMT
Oliver Heger schrieb:

Hi Oliver,

thanks for responding.
I was already thinking about disabling the mode in the configuration 
file, unfortunately  that does not work:
Here is my complete
<properties fileName="" 

public void testDelimiterDisabled() throws Exception {

        Configuration config = 
        String contents = config.getString("contact.instructions");
        String expected = "Hier haben Sie die Möglichkeit, sich mit uns 
in Verbindung zu setzen.";
        System.out.println(contents);  // this brings "Hier haben Sie 
die Möglichkeit"
        assertEquals(expected, contents);


private static final String shopConfigName = "shop-config.xml";
private static Configuration configuration;

public static Configuration getShopConfiguration() throws Exception {

        if (configuration == null) {
            DefaultConfigurationBuilder shopBuilder = new 

            configuration = shopBuilder.getConfiguration();
        return configuration;

The only workaround i found now, is using a very rare used unicode as 
delimiter before loading configurations

> Sabine,
> setting the delimiter parsing disabled flag on the 
> DefaultConfigurationBuilder does not affect the loaded configurations, 
> but only the builder itself. You can disable this mode for the sub 
> configurations in the configuration definition file for each single 
> configuration, e.g.:
> <properties filename="" delimiterParsingDisabled="true"/>
> Oliver


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