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From "Keno Albrecht" <>
Subject Confused by fileupload download/doc/snapshot
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2007 13:42:42 GMT

I am a little bit confused by the inconsistency of the fileupload
documentation, latest download version (1.2), and nightly snapshot release.

1) The documentation ( does
not match the functionality of the latest download version (1.2).
Especially, the section about "Resource cleanup" just doesn't work, because
the DiskFileItemFactory has no support for the FileCleaningTracker.

2) The latest published nightly snapshot (taken from is
tagged with "20070730." Aren't there any new builds? This version seems to
match the documentation, maybe a hint to it in the documentation would make
working with fileupload easier :-).

3) I have seen the latest versions of DiskFileItem and DiskFileItemFactory
in the SVN repository. The support for the FileCleaningTracker has been
removed again. What were the reasons? Shouldn't I use 20070730 then?

3) In some posts I have read about an upcoming version 2 of fileupload? Are
there any release plans? (What about 1.3 btw?)

4) What is the recommend way to use the fileupload lib and the "Resource
cleanup"? Should I take the 20070730? Should I wait for a new release?
Should I hack something into 1.2 and build my own version?


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