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From simon <>
Subject Re: codec - thread safe
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2007 06:19:05 GMT
On Sun, 2007-10-07 at 15:23 -0500, Qingtian Wang wrote:
> Ok, I got the point.
> So let's say I wanted to work on this. What's the most effective way to do it?
> Search the entire code base line by line trying to ID all the thread
> unsafe points by myself? I guess that's very ineffective compared to
> have an issue open, and have the individual developers who write the
> code to address it - They know what needs to be tweaked without having
> to even spend any time since it's their own code. Or at least, the dev
> team as a whole can come up a list of points that need to be worked
> on. I think that'd be much more effective. Any established channel
> where that can happen?

I would suggest that you just check the classes/methods that you
yourself want to be threadsafe, and make any necessary fixes.

There's no obligation to fix anything else; if somebody needs
thread-safety improvements in a different part, then *they* can do it.

And then piece by piece the software gets better for everyone, using a
process that is both cooperative and fair.

Agreed, this doesn't work for major infrastructure type work, but that
is not the case here; just a method or a class needs to be checked for
safety and maybe a few internal synchronization commands added. Codec
really is pretty simple stuff; it's not necessary to have written the
code in order to understand it.

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