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From simon <>
Subject Re: codec - thread safe
Date Sun, 07 Oct 2007 07:31:24 GMT
On Sat, 2007-10-06 at 23:31 -0500, Qingtian Wang wrote:
> Well, it's pick-your-poison kind of a deal. Either block on one
> instance and take a performance hit, or burn up the memory with lots
> of instances.....
> But in the case of BCodec, I think encode/decode is thread safe.
> Unfortunately per Henri, that's not generally true for others.
> Well, let me make it clear that I am a total layman on codec. But it
> seems to me it's not that difficult to implement all the codec methods
> in a thread safe manner, without sync blocks.
> Can the dev team make that happen? - a humble request from a user.

The think about open source is that there is no distinction between
developer and user. The developers develop because they want to use the
code. And when somebody wants to use a feature that doesn't exist, then
they can develop it.

In short, if you want this feature, you can do this yourself and post a
patch to this list so it gets included in the next release. There is no
paid "dev team" for any of the commons code.



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