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From Mike Tillberg <>
Subject [SCXML] Generating events from custom actions
Date Sat, 25 Aug 2007 03:32:17 GMT
   I'm trying to generate events from custom events by adding 
TriggerEvent objects into the derivedEvents argument.  This is working 
in terms of triggering transitions, however I'm unable to properly 
access the payload from these generated events, depending on the 
evaluator being used.  With the EL evaluator, _eventdata and 
_eventdatamap seem to be empty when the transition fires.  With JEXL, 
the payload is available, however the assignments seem to be in a local 
context, even though the variable I'm assigning should only exist in the 
root context.  A portion of the XML (based off the existing scxml test 

<scxml xmlns=""
        version="1.0" initialstate="init">
       <data name="helloName1" expr="undef" />
     <state id="init">
         <onentry> <my:hello name="custom04" /> </onentry>
	<transition event="helloevent" target="middle1">
	  <assign name="helloName1" expr="_eventdata" />

   Where the custom action does:

   TriggerEvent event = new TriggerEvent("helloevent",
	TriggerEvent.SIGNAL_EVENT, name);

Thanks in advance for any help.

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