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From Luc Maisonobe <>
Subject [MATH] Re: Apache commons Math package
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2007 18:25:55 GMT
Hi Matteo,

There's no problem contacting me directly.  The prefered way is however
to use the Apache mailing lists. Math belongs to the "commons" family of
packages and shares some lists with other packages as well. User related
requests should be adressed to (I CC'ed this
message there) and development related requests should be adressed to You should prefix the subject using [MATH] to
help people filtering the high volume of these lists.

The complete geometry package has been included in commons-math fairly
recently. It was extracted from my own mantissa library. We are
currently in the process of releasing a new version of commons-math with
this package and many other unrelated changes but still have work to
finalize. In the meantime, you should get the source from the subversion
tree and compile it by yourself. I cannot tell yet when commons-math 1.2
will be released.

Do not be afraid by the fact geometry is a recent addition to
commons-math, it is validated code that has been in production use for
several years in mantissa, and is even in use in a real life european
space project.


Matteo Risoldi wrote:
> Dear Luc,
> excuse me for writing directly to you, but I can't found a more general
> contact for the Math package, and since I've seen you're the last one
> who made a commit of the geometry.Rotation class, which I am interested
> in, I suppose you could know something about my question: I have been
> downloading the binaries and source releases from the Commons Math
> website, but they don't contain the geometry subpackage at all. Do you
> know if this is the result of some problem in the release process or if
> it's normal? Does it mean the only way to obtain the geometry classes is
> to get the source and build them locally?
> Thanks in advance for your response and excuse me again for contacting
> you direclty.
> Have a nice day
> ===========
> Matteo Risoldi
> Université de Genève
> CUI - Battelle bat. A
> Route de Drize, 7
> CH-1227 Carouge
> Tel. +41 22 379 0170

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