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From "F. Andy Seidl" <>
Subject File Upload Data Corruption Problem
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2007 20:27:59 GMT
Hi All,

I have been struggling for several days trying to track down the root cause
of a sporadic file corruption problem using File Upload.  I'm really stumped
at this point and welcome any suggestions as to avenues of debugging

Here's overview of the problem:

I have seven Linux (CentOS) servers all running the same web application--a
set of Java servlets using Resin as a servlet runner under Apache.  All
seven servers were configured using the same script that installs jars,
config files, etc.

On three of the servers, File Upload works reliably.  On four of the
servers, File Upload often (but not always) leaves me with a corrupted file.

Corrupted files are always the correct length but contain a relatively small
percentage of scrambled bytes.  I looked for obvious patterns like newlines
being altered or high-bit bytes being converted to or from UTF-8, but there
is no obvious (to me, anyway) pattern in the failure.

I have also tested with IE, Firefox, and Safari on both Windows and MacOS.
The issue appears to be independent of client browser and OS.

Looking at Java system properties, I notice that while the classpath and
bootclasspath have the same jars lists on all servers, they are not listed
in the same order (probably listed in directory order as the paths are
constructed by a script that inspects lib directories.)

Is anyone aware of classpath order dependencies that could break File

Can anyone offer any suggestions about what *might* be breaking File Upload?
Or what other questions I should be asking?  At the moment, I'm feeling
rather stumped.

  -- fas

MyST Technology Partners, Inc.
F. Andy Seidl
1717 S. University Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
tel: 734.717.8360
Skype ID:aseidl

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