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From Daniel Stein <>
Subject Problems using Betwixt with Collections
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2007 14:13:21 GMT

I'm using Betwixt 0.8 and have the following scenario: I've got a class 
in which one field ist an ArrayList. This ArrayList is a "mixed 
The List contains 2 different types of classes. One of the classes has 
got a field I don't want to be serialized by Betwixt. So I created the 
following .betwixt
File, named the same way as one of the classes stored in the Collection. 
The file is stored in the same location as my other (working) .betwixt 

    <hide property='filter'/>
  <element name='element'>

But it seems that betwixt ignores my hide command. Or is this the wrong 
way to do this?

Many Thanks in Advance

Daniel Stein

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