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From Syte Beimin <>
Subject [beanutils] How to get PropertyUtils.getProperty to thrown a IllegalAccessException
Date Fri, 25 May 2007 08:54:34 GMT
I've been trying to write unit tests for a lib we've
build at my work and i ran into a small problem. The method
PropertyUtils.getProperty(Object object, String propertyName) can throw
a IllegalAccessException. In our library we catch the exception an take
appropriate action. However I can't seem to write a unit test that
checks if all is well because I can't get the exception thrown :)
I've been browsing through the unit tests included with the beanutils
source but can't seem to find a test that gets the
PropertyUtils.getProperty to throw the IllegalAccessException.
Does any of you know of a way to get this method to throw the exception?

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