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From Nestor Urquiza <>
Subject Re: [SCXML] Event types
Date Mon, 28 May 2007 08:04:02 GMT
Bits like <invoke>, are also "executable content", but the semantics
are decoupled from the mechanics of state transitions.
As far as I understand <invoke> is still an ongoing discussion from w3c draft right?
I mean it is not clear still how invoke will accept parameters and how the result would be
processed by the <onentry> or <onexit> contexts from where at the end of the row
<invoke> will be used. 

In any case even using invoke I do not see an alternative to <if> when talking about
exceptions, meaning that seems like the approach I am finaly using is the only practical solution
for WEB domain. Basically I call custom actions from <var> and I check for the returned

Discussions on priority are useful in event queues (prior to the point
any event is being processed by the engine). In processing events, the
state machine uses one or more events (immutable set) in every "step"
(and any derived events get added to the front of the queue).
I get it, priority should be used just to control which events will be executed before and
which after but never as a mean of stopping the  precessing of  any other event. Also exeptions
are not a way to go  IMO when using expression languages as SCXML does so far. Simply very
basic structured programming is to be used there, and I say very basic since we have no serious
thinking from w3c side to include ECMA scripting within <script> or as part of some
code to be executed by <invoke> as a possible full featured programming language that
will for example allow reuse (I am doing reuse using XML entities which has several disadvantages
already posted in previous posts here and at www voice w3c forum).



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