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From "Rahul Akolkar" <>
Subject Re: Help in the transition of states in SCXML
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2007 17:06:08 GMT
On 4/20/07, Rajendran, John Tom (STSD) <> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I have an orthogonal state chart implemented with SCXML, I have a SLOT
> and TASK defined in the parallel states. MSlotInitState to
> MSlotHeldState,
> MSlotQueuedState, MSlotLockedState is happening and in the
> MSlotLockedState I am trying to
> - <state id="MSlotLockedState">
> - <onentry>
>   <log expr="'Slot Locked State'" />
>   </onentry>
>   <transition event="SlotReadyToBeHeldEvent"
> target="MSlotHeldState.aquireSlot" />
>   <transition event="TimerExpiredEvent" cond="_eventdata.timeAbs eq
> false" target="MSlotQueuedState.queueSlot" />
>   <transition event="TimerExpiredEvent" cond="_eventdata.timeAbs eq
> true" target="MSlotCancelledState.cancelSlot" />
>   <transition event="CancelEvent" target="MSlotCancelledState.freeSlot"
> />
>   </state>
> Move to MSlotHeldState.acquireSlot which is a method call within
> MSlotHeldState. Here the transition is not happening. Eventhough the
> event is triggered from server side. I am able to go from Init to the
> next transitions like MSlotHeldState, MSlotLockedState,
> MSlotqueuedState. Next level of transitions are not happening at all. Is
> there anything I am missing in the SCXML please help me.

The state machine looks OK to me (other than the expressions for the
guard conditions which I cannot verify since the event payload is
application specific).

I'd recommend re-checking the expressions and the pertinent payload
(_eventdata) classes. For that, you should really be familiar with the
JEXL syntax [1] as well. As of now, there isn't enough information in
this email to help you with the expressions. If you provide more
details (via the smallest complete test case), I'll gladly take
another look.



> Thanks
> John

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