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From Philip Chang <>
Subject RE: bug in Betwixt XMLIntrospector.findByXMLDescriptor() ?
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2007 18:39:38 GMT

Martin,Thanks for your answer...But what if I need to put the betwixt file in a separate folder
(i.e. a "properties" folder) that is also defined in the CLASSPATH?Right now there is no flexibility
- the betwixt and class files have to reside in the same folder.Thanks,Philip> Date: Fri,
13 Apr 2007 19:51:43 +0200> From:> To:>
Subject: Re: bug in Betwixt XMLIntrospector.findByXMLDescriptor() ?> > Put the betwixt
file in the same package as the class.> > Mvgr,> Martin> > Philip Chang wrote:>
> When I call    beanWriter.write( myClass );Betwixt is not able to find my file on Windows
XP    "c:\MyFolder\MyClass.betwixt"even though I have added "c:\MyFolder" to the CLASSPATH.
 When I change the code in XMLIntrospector.findByXMLDescriptor(), line 1216 from    URL url
= aClass.getResource( name );to the following    URL url = aClass.getResource( "/" + name
);then everything worked and Betwixt found my file    "c:\MyFolder\MyClass.betwixt"What should
I do to fix this?  1. Should I create my own    My_XMLIntrospector.findByXMLDescriptor() 
 2. Should I move "MyClass.betwixt" to another folder?  Which folder?Thanks,Philip> >
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