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From David Zarco <>
Subject Custom XML Rule Creation from Digester
Date Mon, 09 Apr 2007 16:53:25 GMT
Hi everybody,

We're trying to create a custom rule which will be used by Digester. We 
follow the steps indicated in

      Creating a digester from XML:

|FromXmlRuleSet| is a |RuleSet| implementation that initializes its 
|Digester| from rules defined in an XML file. The path to the XML file 
is passed to constructor.

Alternatively, the convenience class DigesterLoader defines a static 
method, |Digester createDigester(String rulesXml) throws 
DigesterLoaderException|". When passing the name of the file that 
contains your digester rules, this method returns a |Digester| instance 
initialized with the rules.

To add your own rules, you need to:

    * Update the DTD
      You should add an element type for your rule. The element should
      have an attribute corresponding to each of the rule's
      initialization parameters.
    * Define an |ObjectCreationFactory|
    * Extend |DigesterRuleParser|
      |DigesterRuleParser| is a |RuleSet| for parsing a rules XML file.
      You should extend this, and override the |addRuleInstances()|
      method to add the rules for parsing your new element. Look in to see how its done.

but we had a problem with the inner class PatternRule of 
DigesterRuleParser. We overrided addRuleInstances(Digester digester) 
method but there was a compilation error because PatternRule is a 
private class

How can we resolve this problem?

This is the source problem, with the error code in bold

import org.apache.commons.digester.AbstractObjectCreationFactory;
import org.apache.commons.digester.Digester;
import org.apache.commons.digester.Rule;
import org.apache.commons.digester.xmlrules.DigesterRuleParser ;
import org.xml.sax.Attributes;

public class SetTopPropertyRuleParser extends DigesterRuleParser {
    public class SetTopPropertyRuleFactory extends 

        public Object createObject(Attributes attributes) throws Exception {
            String methodName = attributes.getValue("methodname");
            String paramType = attributes.getValue("paramtype");
            if (paramType != null){
                return new SetTopPropertyRule(methodName, paramType);
                return new SetTopPropertyRule(methodName);

    public SetTopPropertyRuleParser(Digester targetDigester) {

    public void addRuleInstances(Digester digester) {
        final String ruleClassName = Rule.class.getName();
        digester.addRule("*/set-top-property-rule", *new 
PatternRule("pattern")); // ERROR PatternRule is a private class *
        digester.addSetNext("*/set-top-property-rule","add", ruleClassName);



Note: I'm sorry for my english


Un saludo,

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