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From Chirag <>
Subject WrapDynaBean change to upper case of the start letter of property
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2007 00:33:01 GMT
I have class

public class ReportPurchaseObject
        private int purchasePackingId;
        private java.sql.Date transDate;
        private int supplierId;
        private int productId;
        private String supplier;
        private String product;
        private Double sumOfQuantity;
        ReportPurchaseObject(int purchasePackingId,java.sql.Date transDate,int supplierId,int
productId,String supplier,String product,Double sumOfQuantity)
        public int getPurchasePackingId() {
            return purchasePackingId;

        public java.sql.Date getTransDate() {
            return transDate;

        public int getSupplierId() {
            return supplierId;

        public int getProductId() {
            return productId;
        public String getSupplier() {
            return supplier;

        public String getProduct() {
            return product;

        public Double getSumOfQuantity() {
            return sumOfQuantity;

        public void setPurchasePackingId(int purchasePackingId) {
            this.purchasePackingId = purchasePackingId;

        public void setTransDate(java.sql.Date transDate) {
            this.transDate = transDate;

        public void setSupplierId(int supplierId) {
            this.supplierId = supplierId;

        public void setProductId(int productId) {
            this.productId = productId;

        public void setSupplier(String supplier) {
            this.supplier = supplier;

        public void setProduct(String product) {
            this.product = product;

        public void setSumOfQuantity(Double sumOfQuantity) {
            this.sumOfQuantity = sumOfQuantity;


I have to use WrapDynaBean such that when I use get() function of the above bean then I should
be able to use get("PurchasePackingId") instead of get("purchasePackingId"). Is there any
way without using DynaProperty or extending the WrapDynaBean class and modifying certian behaviour
to achive such a proeprty

Thanks in advance


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