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From "Ed Hillmann" <>
Subject Question about upcoming release of commons-cli
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2007 00:56:35 GMT
Hi all.  I know I should try to scan the existing messages, but I
can't access the archive from the web page.

I'm using the current Apache Commons-CLI 1.0 release, and I'm trying
to add a footer using the HelpFormatter.  This footer is ending up
being a substantial String (going into some further detail that would
take up a lot of space in the option descriptions).

My problem is that I'm trying to use \t to clean up the presentation,
as well as break up lines using 2 \n entries.  But the HelpFormatter
seems to clean up my formatting.  It seems to ignore the \t entries
(in the rtrim, because an \t is deemed whitespace it is ignored), and
consecutive \n's are always treated as a single \n.  At least, I think
that's what's going on.

I noticed in the cli2 version of HelpFormatter, that this is no longer
being performed.  Does this mean that in the next release, any
embedded formatting in the footer (or header, for that matter) will be
retained when using the HelpFormatter?

Thanks for any info,

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