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Subject Réf. : Re: [ftp] FTPClient hangs on logout
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2007 13:54:43 GMT

> Possibly not. It may be related to the TelnetClient thread used by
FTPClient which occasionally hangs on a read(). If you are using JDK 5+,
you can try the 2.0 RC, which may solve this:

Just to let you know : my problem (various hangs on TelnetClient read(),
for which I was asking for a release of commons-net1.4.x.jar including the
patch from Rob Hasselbaum's) seems to be gone (no more hangs at this time).

(as i don't have JDK 1.5 available and as the "nibghtly builds" built
through GUMP are JDK1.5-only, I had to rebuild a commons-net-1.4.x on my
own, with a "target="1.4"" field in the build.xml).

Thanks (and thanks to Rob for the patch).



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