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From Antoni Mylka <>
Subject [VFS] Standardization of the URI conventions.
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2007 15:56:03 GMT
A question to Apache Virtual File System users and developers.

I'm working on a filesystem ontology for the Nepomuk Semantic Desktop EU 
Project. I want to define a generic File class. It should apply to files 
on a harddisk, on the network and inside archive files. As far as I know 
there is no standard way to build URL's for files inside compressed 

The goal is to have a single knowledge base where every file has a 
single URL and make it available to applications in all lanugages on all 
platforms regardless of whether it is in /home or C:\ or inside a jar 
file packed into a zip and stored on some obscure sftp server.

Your solution (i.e. is great, but i 
have some questions.

Are there any standards or widely accepted conventions (apart from URI 
RFC) you relied on? (I mean accessing files inside archives by 
compressionprefix : arch-file-uri [! absolute-path] - is it your idea or 
is it standarized somewhere).

Are you aware of any projects implementing a similar idea in other 
languages (C++ or C#).


Antoni Mylka

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