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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject Re: CompositeConfiguration and file reloading
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2007 21:15:52 GMT wrote:
> I'm wondering if this is a known issue or if it's something that might be
> addressed in the near future.
> I have set up 2 AbstractFileConfigurations, one of them with a
> FileChangedReloadingStrategy with a refreshDelay of whatever.  The other
> one uses properties from the first one.
> Example:
>     file1:
>     file2:${} Doe
> I then add both configurations to a CompositeConfiguration.  If I get the
> property from the CompositeConfiguration I get "John Doe".
> I then make a change to the configuration that has a reload strategy
> setting I get the from the
> CompositeConfiguration and I get "Jane", but if I get the
> property, I still get "John Doe".
> The only way I can get the to switch to "Jane Doe" is if I set
> up file2 with a reload strategy and save it with a different timestamp,
> then it picks up the change from the first file.  I would think that the
> composite configuration should handle the property replacement and I would
> only need to change the first file.
> Am I missing something to make sure that happens, or is this a known
> issue?
> Thanks.

I have written a unit test to reproduce the scenario you describe. 
However this test does not fail, i.e. the correct full name is returned. 
Can you provide some code how you setup the involved configurations and 
how you access the properties?


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