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From Christian Andersson>
Subject problem setting up tomcat 5.5 as deamon with jsvc
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2007 08:07:57 GMT
Hi there I'm having a problem getting tomcat 5.5 working with jsvc on a
server of mine as of this moment I have not managed to get it working
properly  (I'm sending this to both commons-user and tomcat-user mailing
lists in hope to get good answers :-))

The hardware:
  SunFire x4200 (
  2 dualcore opteron
  8 GB ram

The software
  Mandriva Corporate Server 4
  Sun Java sdk
  Tomcat 5.5.20
  jsvc is set up to change to user apache after startup
  all files in /user/local/apache-tomcat are setup with apache/apache
  all files in /var/www/ROOT is set up with apache/apache owner/group

Just one note, if I execute the bin/ everything works ok.

I've copied the to /etc/init.d/tomcat
and changed it so that it matches my locations

running /etc/init.d/tomcat start  do seem to work, it starts up 2 jsvc
processes (on for ROOT and one for the apache user) also all ports open
as they should (80, etc) I have also set up log4j rootlogger set to
DEBUG level shows that tomcat is starting up

however here comes the problematic part.. from here on I get "random

sometimes when starting up (according to the logfiles tomcat starts ok)
I can surf to my pages, and then it "breaks" surfing to the pages just
makes the browser wait (as if the server hangs) looking at the logfile
also showes that the server has "stopped" since nothing is happening
here anymore.

sometimes, the server seems to hang when starting up (I have several
webapplications in /var/www/ and configured in server.xml since I cannot
see in the log file that it has started some webapps (and not all access
log files are beeing created)

I just cannot get tomcat up and running properly using jsvc..

(and as I said, startin tomcat up with bin/ do work properly)

Is there some know bugs in jsvc regarding this. (I could not find any in

from what I can see the only download from the jsvc pages is version
1.0.1 and that is the same version that tomcat 5.5 uses.

At the moment I have redirected the port 80 to 8080 in the firewall and
starting up tomcat manually as user apache since I don't want to run
tomcat as root.

Christian Andersson -

Configuration and Collaboration for
Open Framework Systems AS

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