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From "Elam Birnbaum \(ebirnbau\)" <>
Subject Thread usage in Commons SCXML
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2007 14:33:57 GMT

While we are on the subject of threads and concurrency, I would like to
ask if Commons SCXML itself spawns off threads and if so when and it is
possible to give the user control over that. 

I know from a previous e-mail thread I started that the proper way to
trigger events on the state engine is via another thread and that is
fine since that thread spawning is under user control. I am more
concerned about any threads Commons SCXML itself spawns for its own
purposes, if any, even if they are short-lived. My system is sensitive
to total threads spawned (my component is a small part of a bigger
project that could all run under the same JVM) so I'd just like to be
aware of how Commons SCXML deals with its own threads so I am prepared.


Elam Birnbaum

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