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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Re: Is JXPath support Boolean?
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2007 16:48:22 GMT
--- maomaode <> wrote:

> Hi Matt ,
> Thanks for reply.
> Yes, your alternative solutions definitely will
> work,
> But, I'm not sure it's a good idea to make the
> JXPath support Boolean? 
> or do we have a plan to support Boolean?
> And anther related question is that, do we have a
> plan to support new 
> features in JDK5, e.g Generics, Annotation etc.?
> Thanks,
> James.

Hello again, James.  Honestly, commons-JXPath is in
"maintenance mode."  I certainly don't claim to be an
expert on its code; I just happen to be a person who
is willing to give it some minimal attention in a kind
of stewardship role, because I have ties to Apache and
a vested interest in seeing the project release a 1.3
version.  As it stands, the code relies on standard
core API mechanisms for its knowledge of bean
properties and I'm not sure it would be a worthwhile
endeavor to augment that for e.g. recognizing Booleans
when the same limitations already apply across the
Java community (meaning that workarounds are or should
be well-known).  Beyond this, wrt supporting new Java
features, and even supporting big-B-Booleans, for that
matter:  most (all?) of this type of functionality
should be available to end users in the form of custom
extension functions.  I have found these to be, as is
the case with many extension APIs, limited only by the
user's imagination... and in the rare case you find
that you could do X with extension functions, if only
change Y would be made to the core library, most
projects welcome modifications that enhance users'
ability to customize their behavior.



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