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From "Niall Pemberton" <>
Subject Re: shale-validator.jar and commons-validator.jar both contains different validateUtilities.js
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2007 14:19:42 GMT
On 2/14/07, Hasan Turksoy <> wrote:
> hi all,
> it seems that; shale-validator.1.0.4.jar and
> commons-validator.1.3.1.jarboth including
> validateUtilities.js file at path...
> what's bad is; these two validateUtilities.js are different.. so,
> commons-validator's validator scripts trying to use shale-validator's
> validateUtilities.js instead of their own validateUtilities.js file because
> of the class path mechanism...
> why they are different? AND which one of these validateUtilities.js file
> should i use? OR am i doing something wrong?

Until you raised it I wasn't aware of this and it would be more
appropriate to ask the Shale developers why they provided a customized
version of the script. Having said that, looking at their subversion
repository[1] and the changes they made - it appears to be for the
following Jira issue tickets:

SHALE-194 is obviously a workaround for the ids generated by JSF for components.

SHALE-248 I'm not sure about - the trim() method has been in
validateRequired.js for a long time and is still there in Validator
1.3.1 - it probably should be in validateUtilities.js but my guess is
they experienced a problem (probably if the "required" validator is
not utilized and therefore the JavaScript for it not rendered).

As to your question of which should you use - for SHALE-194 it looks
like you need to use the Shale version - but better if you confirm
this with Shale:



> thanks for your interest..
> hasan

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