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From Steve Vanspall <>
Subject Getting validator to include validatorUtils
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2007 22:21:41 GMT

I am sorry for the really obvious question, I have searched google etc, 
can't find the answer.

Basically I am involved with the upgrade of struts from a very old 
version to the latest one, this incorporates an upgrade to 

I have never used commons-validator before but the existing code base I 
am working on is fairly dependant on it.

I have worked out some of the changes from the version we were using (1.0.2)

My problem now is that the pages that use javascript validation 
currently include the required javascript for the validation functions, 
but does not include the validator utils javascript functions.

Is there some addition I have to make with to validator-rules.xml or 
validation.xml to have validator util included. I assume I don't have to 
actually include the validator js file in the page as it seems the 
validator-rules is set up to inlcude only the required javascript for me.

basically the javascript validation doesn't work because the browser 
doesn't have the code for jcv_retrieveFormName function.

I have included below a sample of the converted validation-rules, I 
didn't include it all because it still have some changes to make to 
comply with he new version.

 <validator name="required"

this originally had the javascript defined in the xml file, changing it 
to what you see above has now created the correct javascript for this 

Any help would be great



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