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From Christian Möller <>
Subject [VFS] Closed OutputStream from FileContent does not throw IOException if further written to
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2007 11:02:40 GMT

I've a question regarding the behaviour of OutputStreams received from
org.apache.commons.vfs.FileContent.getOutputStream(): If I call close()
on them and further write some bytes to the stream, these writes take
place silently without throwing an IOException (as it is done by "usual"
Java streams like
As an example:

byte[] SOME_BYTES = new byte[]{70, 71, 72};
FileObject tmpFile = VFS.getManager().resolveFile("tmp:test.txt");
OutputStream os = tmpFile.getContent().getOutputStream();
os.write(SOME_BYTES); // Neither IOE is thrown nor bytes are written


It brakes my code which gives the OutputStream to some clients expecting
that they are receiving an IOE if the stream has been closed.



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